hey the name is Isa, 15. On this blog you will mostly find One direction, Supernatural, the Hobbit and Tom Hiddleston.
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Here are some of my latest additions—-

The You and I mug is a great beverage holder in case you ever had any qualms about your 1d fanaticism—plus who doesn’t like toast with their coffee? Tell time with the It’s Yoga o’Clock clock. Or bring your warrior with you everywhere with the Warrior Poses phone case/skin. (Also it’s on more stuff so yeah) 

Or if you’re feeling classic go for the ever popular harry mug. Pleasing people since February. Or a cute pillow with the boys in Weasley Jumpers.

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  • ONE:

    i annoy people

  • TWO:

    i'm never anyones first choice

  • THREE:

    i fuck shit up

  • FOUR:

    i'm just bad with relationships

  • FIVE:

    i'm not liked

  • SIX:

    I am an ugly ass mother fucker

  • don't forget

  • SEVEN:

    i spend my whole life locked away in a dark room with food and a laptop